serious Post cycle/post comp bulk diet help!

  1. serious Post cycle/post comp bulk diet help!

    Hey guys my first show is in 13 days and i will be starting my pct from my pre-comp cycle in one week. My plan is to start my new bulk diet on june 5 along with igf-1 as a bridge. I have i pretty good idea of how my diet is going to look but im looking for some feed back from you all.

    [email protected]%bf (still holding water) Lean mass is around 175?

    Calorie goal im shooting for 6000-7000 clean as possable
    The understanding that I have with the igf-1 is 3x lean mass in protein and 700-800 carbs per day for best results.

    meal 1
    12 whites,2whole,2cups (dry oats) 1 or 2 banana
    meal 2
    12-15oz chicken/steak/fish,200G broccoile,5-7 brown rice cakes with 1tbls of almond butter on each.
    meal 3
    weight gainer shake (low sugar high complex carbs) with 2tbls groung flax seeds 1 boch pear/apple
    meal 4
    same as meal 2 but with 2 cups mashed sweet potatos insted of rice cakes.
    pwo shake 75G whey protein 75G dextros
    meal 5
    12-15 oz meat large baked potato 200G brocc/asparagus.
    meal 6 (bedtime)
    weight gainer shake with flax seeds and some rice cakes with almond butter.

    this is totally just a rough draft so any ideas will be used.

    thanks guys what do ya think?

  2. The thought of 6000 calories makes me sick and would make me look like I am in my 3rd trimester with only 6 meals.

    Do you know how sensitive you are to calories.. if that's what your body takes then by all means. But comming off cycle with only IGF I think you are more apt to store them as fat especially with the weight gainers.

    Try to get more whole foods in there as you have 2 that could be replaced with whole foods. Not counting PWO.

    I'm still learning but those are just some things that stick out to me....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JonesersRX7
    The thought of 6000 calories makes me sick and would make me look like I am in my 3rd trimester with only 6 meals.

  4. tattoopierced1
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    PWO go with something whole grain instead of the dextrose. oats work well too.

  5. I think the plan is alright.. for a bulker
    You are however missing some good bulking foods which you could eat as a snack or something: if you like cottage cheese its great for bulking- tuna is a staple for my diet- but I saw you have fish in there-- also chocolate milk is another really easy way to throw in some extra calories.
    Good luck- i've bulked with about 5500 calories before and I honestly got fairly fat- bloated face and everything... wasn't fun=\



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