Little Guy

  1. Little Guy

    Hey im Wes i came to you guys for some serious wieght gain advice.

    Im 5'6 at 140lbs so yea im a pretty little guy. Ive been lifting since i joined the Army a few years ago but im having surgery soon so i've been on a break.

    I cant seem to get my appetite high enough to scarf down the carbs and protein i need daily so im wondering what i could do about that besides force feeding myself (i already do that)

    Some motivating words would be greatly appreciated or even some pics of lifters in my goal weight class (170-200). i havent been able to find any. and yes...i have searched.

    thanx in advance.

  2. 5'6 @ 200lbs would be pretty beefy my man, but if you stick with it you could get there!

    I'm always hungry during the day if I eat small meals fequently vs large meals less often. Try to have some sort of protein rich meal every 2-3 hours, it will get your metabolism roaring and your body will be craving food. Just try to get in the mindset for being hungry and eating, think about how much good the food is going to do you, you are an eating machine and your purpose is to get big... eat, sleep, lift.

  3. I agree with BigC....

    When I first seriously began my bulking stage I couldn't eat more than 2,500 calories a day without feeling like I would explode. After about a month of training my appetite to crave food every 2 - 3 hours I am able to consume at least 3,500 to 4,000 calories a day.

    It is not too difficult to track, use Now if I don't have a protein shake within minutes of going to bed, I will wake up in the middle of the night to eat.

    I have been able to pack on some solid gains in the past 2.5months..

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