My first bulk, diet questions.

  1. My first bulk, diet questions.

    Well i have a meso/endo body type mostly, i gain fat real easy but its not to hard for me to gain muscle either. Here are some stats.

    pnds 175-180
    age 24
    Height 5/11

    I am coming off a 1 month cutting phase were i restricted calories and did alot of high reps and cardio to burn the fat ive accumulated over the years. The results were pretty good, i lost around 20 pounds, my goal was to lose nearly all my fat without worrying to much about muscle loss, as id gain it back with the bulk i just started. The weird part is i gained muscle even from a low cal high rep diet, although not much.

    Well its been about 4 days and from what ive been told and read, its important to eat eat eat, of course most of the people telling me this have a hard time gaining weight, so ive been eating alot, especially in one sitting, ill eat till im full.

    Alright well im getting fat again and its starting to piss me off, cause i just worked my ass off for 1 month to lose it, so im starting to get confused, because i want to gain muscle and start going heavier, but not gain significant fat at the same time.

    I should also mention that ive added creatine and a phera plex cycle to my diet, and eating pre work out and post work out shakes/food. And i cant deny my strenght and endurance are higher during workouts, as opposed to my low cal diet, which was 1-1.5k cals per day.

    So my theory is, everyone is different, and im thinking of cutting down the food to something like i had when cutting, but maybe a little more for good luck. I dont think this will come near the 4-5k calories some people are doing, i might make the 200+ protein mark and maybe 2-3k calories, but im feeling fat and bloated, would i still see gains in the muscle, due to the nature of my individual body, it sucks learning the hard way, as im already starting to grow out of my new low pant size in just a few days


  2. 4-5k not is for you mate.... i'm endo/meso too.. your calories should be around 2500 to 3000 calories... what kind of marco are you doing? try 40/40/20 not bad for people with are body type... well it works fairly well for me at least. basically just watch your carbs make sure there on low on the GI. i try to keep me carbs between 300-350 grams when bulking day.. this works really well for me.. hope this helps

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