1. Lifting

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of threads about lifting to bulk. This is what I'm doing:

    - 3 days lifting (with rest days in between)
    - Warm up doing half the normal weight with one set.
    - Now lift the second (real) set of about 9 reps at current capability until the weight cannot be lifted. Only one set per exercise.
    - Each day, try to do one more rep or increase weight

    Would you do anything differently?
    I'm only working on upper body.

  2. Check the exercise science or powerlifting/strongman threads there is lots of good info in there. Work your lower body!!! Post your split and people can help, but read and learn first. Bulking or cutting either way though is truly about diet first, lifting second.

  3. WOrk your whole body as the exercises used for that will build your core and over all strength/appearance. I also think a 3 day routine with only one set per exercise isn't optimal. However, regardless of what you do your bulk will rely heavily on your diet and rest as well.

    Hit the other forums. there are a lot of people there with the answers you will need but I suggest searching and reading because you will also find a lot of answers you didn't know you had questions for.

  4. thanks jasonschaffin and Jayhawkk. My lower body is already big so I'm trying to even out some.

    Jayhawkk - what would be more optimal than what I'm already doing? add more days? more sets?

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