Bulkin' up here... any one care to critique?

  1. Question Bulkin' up here... any one care to critique?

    Could you guys critique my diet? I'm trying to bulk up.
    First of all, my stats are:

    6'3", 218lbs @ 11-14% BF
    I've been lifting seriously for a couple of years now, but only in the last year have I taken my diet serious. I've made a lot more gains since I have started to do so. I wish I had done more research when I first started to lift.

    Here's my average daily intake:

    4,505 calories, 255g of pro, 462.5g of carbs, 192.5g of fats (mainly mono fats). That's approx. 30/50/20 (P/C/F). Is that too dirty? Are those enough calories? It's too much fat, isn't it? I respect most of your opinions on here (I use "search" and read what you guys say a lot), so any comments will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys.

    By the way, this might be a new guy thing, but it really is great to be able to read comments from such a knowledgeable group of guys that care about lifting as much as I do. Was that too emotional?...

  2. Oh, and by the way... no cardio. None. Zero. That's okay, right?

  3. i would think about uping your protien intake. for your weight i would think atleast around 300gs

    and some cardio is good but not to much. i only do about a total of 50 minutes cardio per week (10 minutes a day) just to burn away some rough spots.

  4. can you post up what each meal is?

  5. Even if I were bulking there's no way I would take 200 grams of fat in a day unless I was being assisted chemically.

    Without knowing much about you I would feel safer and cleaner running something like...

    400 Protein
    450 Carbs
    80 Fats

    Or playing with some figures like that. Calories are going to depend on your lifestyle etc. You could bulk up nicely with less calories depending on your level of fitness among other things.



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