advise please

  1. Thumbs up advise please

    just started the NHA stack to put on some str and bulk up some.
    my stats are
    30 years old
    bf only have some fat on lower part of belly

    diet kcal 3040
    211/72/385 prot/fat/carb

    fat is from flaxseed and fish btw

    you guys think it is enough or ...
    want to bulk up some with this nha stack followed by alri jungle warfare..
    i have a complete pp cycle also..but want to give this a shot first


  2. macros look decent for bulking provided your food choices are clean. you can start there adjust accordingly as you go along. what were your maintenance cals before starting this 'bulk'?

  3. I don't know the Metric system....

  4. kg x 2.2 = lbs

  5. I think i ate around 2400 before.
    thanks for advise btw.



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