Looking for advice from better minds than I

  1. Question Looking for advice from better minds than I

    I have been BB for about a year now and have gone from 228 @ 36% bf to 194 @ 18% bf.

    I am 6'1 and looking rather small IMHO when I look in the mirror. I still have a little tinny gut though and have to 'be looking for' the def in my arms to see it. My question is, should I bulk and try and get back up to 215, then cut, or should I cut down to 13% bf my goal and then clean bulk as much as I can up to 200 @ 13%?

    I am also a vegetarian so most of my protein comes from shakes.

  2. Not that I am a better mind, but from an objective standpoint you may not look as bad as you think. In my opinion its best to evaluate your progress thinking in terms of what your genetics are, if its possible to be 200 and 13bf without risking your health, why not?

  3. look in the mirror, and think when you are doing your day to day things "would I be happier if I were stronger/slimer/etc" then you have your answer.

  4. stick where your at and maximize, you got a gut, turn that into some more mass in the shoulders, id maintain what i got now before changing weight at all

  5. How did you get your BF numbers. If these are correct you gained about 14 pounds of 'lean mass' while losing 47 pounds of fat in one year. That's some great numbers and I would continue with that if you still get the same success with whatever you are doing.

    And could you think of a better title next time... Just saw my post and I feel like an ass replying to a thread with that title.



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