critique my lean bulk shake

  1. critique my lean bulk shake

    here's the shake im using twice daily between meals for a lean bulk.
    1.5 c. skim milk
    1/3 c. oat powder (I grind oats in the coffee grinder)
    1 scoop protein powder (whey, egg, mpi)
    2 tbl flax powder
    1 tbl coconut oil

    the nutritional breakdown is...
    calories- 615
    protein- 50g
    carbs- 45g
    sugar- 18g
    fiber- 9g
    fat- 27g
    sat fat- 13g

    any feedback would be appreciated

    btw I am currently 5'10'' 182lbs fairly lean 12-13% bf?

  2. why not add a little more skim milk and make it two scoops of protein? the extra lactose will take care of the carb situation. eat the oatmeal separately as a part of a different meal imo.

    i also cant imagine that concoction tasting particularly great.

  3. 50g of protein is enough per serving for me, i dont think i understand what your saying about the lactose. suprisingly it tastes pretty good with bsl flavoring and a few ice cubes, I actually enjoy it.

  4. if you were to take the oatmeal out of the shake and you wanted to keep the carb ratio up, then adding more milk could take care of this. lactose is the disacharide sugar in milk (galactose and glucose).

    if thats just more of a "meal shake then the ingredients you have are fine, but for a post workout shake id take out the outmeal and get the extra milk and protein into my system. the combination of having just worked out and the insulin boost from the carbs pushes more nutrtients into your muscles. more protein synthesis means more lean mass

  5. thanks for the replies. Im just using this as a "lean mrp" if you will. my post w/o shake is wpi and bulk waxy maize starch (vitargo) with some cee

  6. I drink something similar between meals and think it works great. I use pretty much the same recipe but I add fruit for taste and extra carbs and calories as well as liquid egg whites.

  7. ive added some frozen berries before when i use the strawberry bsl flavoring and its great with a few ice cubes, just like a smoothy


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