Hey Guys and Gals,
Found this sight a while back and have gained some wonderful insight. So thank you.

I am a bit new to the nutrition side of lifting but my recent concentration on weight has brought my poor diet to light. To wit:

Age: 24
Height: 62
Weight 198
BF%: ~14
Body Style: True Ecto (I weigh 125 at 2000 cal per day not lifting)
Lifting style: A mix of HST and DC depending on whether bulking or cutting.

My problem is with my current diet I am no longer able to gain any weight. I believe that the problem is that I consume too many protein shakes a day (4 compared to the ideal of about 2 from what I gather) and that all of the protein shakes are whey when most should be casein (again from what I gather). Here is the layout of what I have been eating for about the past 2 months.

Meal 1
Total Cereal 2 cup
Skim Milk 1 qt
Whey Shake 2 scoop
Fish Oil 1 tbs

Meal 2
FF Cottage Cheese 1 cup
Cashews 1 oz
Orange Juice 8 oz
Whey Shake 2 scoop

Meal 3
Nat Peanut Butter 4 tbs
Skim Milk .5 qt
Broccoli 5 stem
Egg Whites 6 units

Meal 4
Tuna 1 cup
Bagel 1 unit
Cream Cheese 2 tbs
Spinach 3 cup

Meal 5
Banana 1 unit
Oats 1 cup
Whey Shake 2 scoop
Skim Milk 1 qt

Meal 6
Chicken Breast 1 unit
Brown Rice 1 cup
Apple 1 unit
Whey Shake 2 scoop
Fish Oil 1 tbs

The breakdown according to fitday is
Cal: 5038
Fat: 118g (22%)
Carb: 525g (39%)
Protein: 479 (39%)

The only difference between WO days and non WO days is that I take a 20g whey protein shake before lifting, and meal 5 would be considered my post WO meal about 30 minutes after lifting. Also I eat meal 6 approximately 1 hour after meal 5 on WO days and 2-3 hours afterwards on non WO days.

I guess I am looking for any general advice as well as some untapped resources for good protein to replace the shakes.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to conversing with all of you.