how much protein does one need?

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  1. Hhhmm, thanks for the responces so far guys. Anyone else feel free to add.

  2. 6'3 188lbs 6.8% bf currently

    cant seem to get higher than 190 and lower than 180 no matter what I do lol. Starving, Sickness, 4000+ calories... ahhhhh

    Umm, protein-wise. Just a thought here. Why do you guys say per lb of bodyweight. We all know the total body isnt made of muscle. So why take in the extra protein for the fat as well?


  3. well, trench you have a point, but i do count the lean wieght only and there for feed it with necesary amount of protien

  4. Well remember that your protein intake isn't just for building muscle, it's for maintanence of your body plus I do believe it is the main activator of metabolism and gives off a thermo-effect in the process so not all the protein you take in is used for maintanence and repair.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by wideguy
    Moyer I just looked at your profile and didn't see anything.
    190lbs, 11% BF


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