1. Granola????

    What the hell do you guys add to make it taste better or am I just a puss? (House - dont answer that)

    My 2nd snack is cottage cheese and usually almonds and peanuts, but I think I want to switch my "nuts" intake to pre bed. How about granola? No sugar low fat? Moving from a fat/pro meal to a carb/protein meal. What would you reccomend, or is a little bit of each with maybe some splenda a good meal?

  2. Im sticking with granola and cottage cheese w/ splenda and a few peanuts.....everyone subscribe by the no fats/carb rule?

  3. No fats /carb rule? What do you mean by this? If you're talking about before bed, then yes, keep the fats low and the carbs as minimal as possible. A slow processing protein is best for your last snack.

    oh, and I eat my granola with some fat free vanilla yogurt...

  4. lol....fats low before bed???? do some research broham...

  5. my bad on that...but i do keep my fats low before bed...i keep my fats minimal all day, minus some flax and fish oil in meal 2 and 4...

  6. Fats are HIGH before only true source of str8 fats for the day.......peanuts, almonds and cottage cheese with my casein shake!


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