Snack Away treats (Little Debbie replacement)

  1. Snack Away treats (Little Debbie replacement)

    Mrs. Freshley's Snack Away treats. I bought a box of the twinkies and creamed filled oatmeal cookies. I can't say they're as good as Little Debbies, but they are still damn good. Only 2g of fat, 1g of sugar (plus 4g of sugar alcohols), and less than 150 cals each. Ingredients don't look too bad, most of the carbs are from wheat flour. I'd be willing to bet these are not terribly high GI, especially when you eat them w/ some protein.

    I'm not going to have them every day, but if you like Little Debbies, these Snack Aways are an AWESOME cheat meal you could eat fairly regularly and feel good about it.


  2. WOW, definitely worth a try for those "sweet tooth" days!

  3. Actually low in fat, amazing.

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