Apetite and Bulking.

  1. Apetite and Bulking.

    Alright, deleted my last post. Figured i should re-word some stuff.

    Plz dont flame, i actually need some HELP..I DO NOT condone anyone under 21 to use anything unatural, now that i've learned the hard way.

    I messed up...I took someones horrible advice and started a cycle of halodrol, me thinking it was "just a supplement" not knowing it could be so toxic, and im only 20 at 5'5 went from 128-143....Yea, i know i should've done more research, i never thought something legal would be this dangerous. But that goes to show, never listen to someone else without looking it up for yourself... Now im not here to talk about the halodrol itself, or my gains, i need some help on figureing out a PCT,diet and routine that will work for me and my schedule. Im in the Army and we work some pretty crazy hours so i dont get a lot of time to lift or eat. I get about an hour in the mornings for PT to workout at the gym, but i feel rushed, and i cant lift like i could if i had more time. And we do PT after work but they always like to do stupid ****, and wont let me go to the gym. By that time im smoked and the gym is the last thing on my mind. I was Dg with Anorexia (NOT anorexianervosa) a couple of weeks ago. I still manage to force feed myself, but i'd really appreciate some advice on something to increase my appetite with this desiese. I take 1000 mcg of oral b12 every morning. If someone could give me a diet with a bunch of little meals i can eat all day long that would be just effective ( i dont get breaks throughout the day). And a workout routine that would work with my shortage of time.

    Im really nervous about getting off of this halodrol and pretty upset about, but i cant blame anyone but myself for it, i've read all the posts on this forum about PCTs for halodrol and a lot of them say diff things. Any help with any of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance


  2. Another reason people are flaming you is because you are asking for info instead of researching yourself and then asking a question about the research that you did.

    You can't come in here and be like. "I need a PCT, what should I do." Instead go to the friggin search bar and search for it!!!!!

    I will do this once although I hate doing for people what took me 3 seconds becuase they could have just as easily done it themselves.

    there read through that. All I did was click search->advanced search->::typed in:: halodrol pct

  3. Please, you are underaged, do not post again regarding your issue.

    Read this forum in it entirety http://anabolicminds.com/forum/post-cycle-therapy/

    There is way too much information for you to learn and it is very late in the game for you to catch up and dummie up.

    We are not here to rescue you from your poor choices.

    Good luck.

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