Post Workout Recovery

  1. Lightbulb Post Workout Recovery

    Does anyone do anything extra after their workout? Anyone do the whole hot/cold pool thing to aid in recovery? How does your post routine work for you? Just wondering if there's anything I could be doing after my workouts to help in recovery.

  2. You can try pressure massage on the muscles worked or a hot/cold shower to stimulate circulation or some low intensity fast walking, etc. ..anything to keep blood moving...most importantly though will be your 2 post workout refeeds.

  3. I have read studies, not sure how reputable by any means, that said something about a correlation between shock therapy (like ice cold bath right after lifting) and higher test levels, not sure how much higher as I no longer have my old laptop that had the two studies.

    I play football D1 and can tell you it definitely is nice on the joints, etc. if you were to get in a cold pool. I am sure it would somewhat help in recovery just from keeping the swelling down, makes a big difference. Not to sure about getting in a hot pool afterwards, however, before lifting with the team here at FSU I always get in the hot pool for 10 mins. get stretched then go lift.

  4. wait,what about a hot tub! I woudl think its relaxing so it means that your muscles recover quicker... but the cold shower thing makes sense too....

  5. 3 yrs before i started, i use to have multiple joint pains after lifting...the last 22 months, i've used ice wrapping after lifting on my elbows, shoulders,knees and wrist, and have had great results with no joint pain....+i havent changed any type of joint suppliment therapy over that im guessing it's the ice wraps.
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  6. I usually jump almost straight into a hot jaccuzi then follow up with steam then sauna. I thought that would help because the warmth loosens the muscles a little. I may try a cold shower first then jumping in the pool before doing that then.

  7. Extreme stretching? Might want to check that out. I'll probably get banned for brining up anything DC recommends though. Bobo, put on the rubber gloves at least!!!!!!!

  8. "post event" sports massage is awesome after a workout. No deep tissue right after the workout though... you want to relax the muscles so that they can recover. Contrast therapy (hot then cold) boosts your immune system, speeds recovery, gets nutrients flowing, etc. etc. You want to do like 3 minutes hot then 1 minute cold. Always end on cold. You can do this any time, not just after a workout.


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