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  1. UPDATE:

    As of today it looks like I am up 3 pounds in 3 weeks for a total weight of 181 pounds. So it looks like I'm sitting at exactly 1 pound per week on average.

    This may be a little fast for me due to my ability to quickly gain fat so I'm adding in a bit more cardio 3 days per week on average. I'd like to keep it a bit under a pound per week (hence the title of SLOW bulk diet).

    Thanks for all the tips so far guys! I suppose I'll turn this into a log and see where I go.

    On that note I've been putting alot of effort into grip power lately. I managed the following on deads with no lifting straps today:

    225 x 10
    315 x 8
    405 x 6
    455 x 3

    Not too shabby. It's ALOT less than I was doing before my time off... but I weighed over 190 pounds then and I was using straps to get as high as a 1RM of 545 pounds. I'd like to work back up there without straps!

    Thats it for todays update... it's bed time for me.

  2. My weight has leveled at 181 pounds since my last update.

    But it seems that something is going right as I managed a non-straps dead-lift of 495 pounds today. Just chalked up my hands and went at it. Pulled it with almost no issue, save that I tore a hunk of skin off my left palm.

    My diet has been pretty close to my posted regimen. A few changes this week:

    1) Slightly larger burgers (hand crafted patties rather than pre-shaped)
    2) Up to 3/4 cup oatmeal with 3 tbsp peanut butter at lunch

    I'm going to up to a full cup of Oatmeal and may try replacing my 4:30 banana with a bagel w/ PB on it if that is insufficient to put my caloric level over the edge.

  3. I am up another pound to 182 pounds as of this morning.

    I've changed a few more things:

    1) I made my own rolls for the burgers from hemp flour, flax meal, whole grain flour, and oat bran flour, grapeseed oil, splenda, and a bit of honey.

    2) Up to 1 full cup of Oatmeal at lunch

    Added Metamucil to my morning fruit shake and a dosage at night. The huge amount of protein dense foods was backing me up a bit despite my huge fiber intake. Taking Metamucil has completely fixed this issue.

    Strength continues to rise as I go along here. Very satisfied with the results so far.

    I am going to double the protein content of the morning shake and decrease the carbs a little bit once my next shipment of hemp and rice protein powder arrives later this week.

  4. very cool, another advanced cook! makin' your own bread...premo!

  5. Up to 183 pounds as of today. I have gained 5 pounds so far on my bulk in about 7 weeks giving me a bit under 3/4 of a pound per week -- right on target with my goals for a slow bulk.

    This is my scheduled off-week so I don't expect to exceed 183 pounds this week. I do not have the calories from my Gatorade or PWO shake and I tend to decrease my dinner slightly when I'm off.

    A few dietary changes:

    I changed my PWO shake. I included 1/2 cup of oats ground up in a coffee grinder to replace the banana.
    2) I nearly doubled the protein content of my morning fruit shake.
    3) I added 15 grams of rice protein concentrate to my lunch time oatmeal / muscle milk / PB meal... decreased PB back to 2 TBSP and decreased the amount of oatmeal slightly to about 3/4 of a cup.

    I have not totally re-done my macros or exactly calculated anything but my protein intake should be in excess of 300 grams daily at this point.

    I also started taking USP Labs Symmetry at 2 caps / twice per day (4 caps ED) while I'm off as of yesterday. Once I go back to the gym next week I'll be trying the 6 caps ED (2 / 4 caps) dosage schedule.

  6. Sorry for my HUGE lack of updates.

    Weight is up to 187 pounds now. My total gain is now 9 pounds.

    A few changes:

    6:30 AM
    * Home Made Fruit Smoothie (Bananna, Apple, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Carrots, Spinach, Broccoli, Kiwi, Raw Honey, Hemp Protein, Rice Protein, Syntrax Nectar, Orange Juice, Pomegranite Juice, 2 tbsp Splenda)
    * 4x Extra Large Egg Whites, 2x Yolks
    * 93% Lean Ground Beef Patty

    9:00 AM
    * 4x XL Hard Boiled Egg Whites, 1 Yolk
    * 2 Scoops MHP "Up Your Mass" Shake

    11:00 AM
    * 1 cup oatmeal w/ 1 scoop Muscle Milk, 15g Rice Protein, and 2 TBSP Peanut Butter
    * Spinach and Broccoli salad w/ Smart Balance butter substitute

    1:00 PM
    * 93% Lean Hamburger Patty on Merita "Light" Bun OR Home-Made Hemp based bread if I have the time

    3:00 PM
    * 2x XL hard Boiled Egg Whites
    * 2 Scoops MHP "Up Your Mass" Shake

    4:30 PM
    * 3 Scoops MHP "Up Your Mass" Shake
    ((( 2 scoops for cardio days )))

    GYM @ 5:30 PM
    * Gatorade / Syntrax Nectar / Creatine Mixture (~5g protein)

    Driving Home at 6:30 PM
    * Custom PWO Shake: 50% Whey, 40% Low GI Rice Oligodextrin, 10% High GI Hydrolyzed Rice Syrup

    Dinner around 7:30 - 8 PM
    * Varies dramatically but I aim for 40+ grams of protein and not a whole lot of carbs, usually all relatively low GI and I generally have a glass of milk with it and as many vegetables and possibe.


    I have not done the calculations for all of this but results are coming, as I am up to 187 pounds without any additional fat gain.

    I have also changed my lifting and exercise routine to include biking 4 days a week during my lunch break and 2 days per week in the gym of 12 minute High Intesity Interval Training.

    My 3-day per week routine is full body each day using mostly compound or semi-compound exercises (I will do standing movements over seated so my core has to work). Some don't favor this style of lifting but since starting it I feel very good about it.


    Some will criticize me for having too much powdered "food" in there but I think the change is for the better in this case. The MHP shake has great low GI carbs as well as good fats. The protein matrix is a little bit of a downer with the soy but I haven't had any issues with it. It's a really easy way for me to get the ratios I need and the only pre-fab "gainer" powder I will touch.

    I also added a dose of digestive enzymes with each meal to help me with my feeling of being bloated.

  7. Alrighty. Bulk is over with a 9 pound gain. My stomach is getting out of control... unfortunatly lean gaining is NOT my forte and I just can't keep the stomach under control when I have enough calories to gain weight.

    Calories are going down slowly over the next few weeks and I have added Ergopharm AMP to my supplement regimen. Seems to quell my appetite a LITTLE bit, although nothing really does it for me -- I have the immortal appetite.

    A few dietary changes worth mention:

    * Very low carbs before my first cardio session of the day (I ride my bike at lunch break 4 days a week). I have some carbs from a glass of milk with breakfast and some from 1 scoop of "Up Your Mass" gainer powder. I have moved my fruit shake to pre-workout to better utilize the carbs.

    May or may not start a new cutting log, we'll see how it goes


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