1. breakfast

    how important is it to start your first meal of the day with whole food? recently, i have been a protein shake, w/ 60 grams whey protein, oatmeal, frozen strawberries, peanut butter and water. is this sufficient or should i be eating more whole foods? by the way, i eat whole food at my next meal approx 2 hours later

  2. You shoudl always eat whole foods until you start taking in 300-400 grams of protein - then it's gets a little hard to consume that much chicken/fish/eggs/lean beef and that' where you implament the shakes.

  3. i think it looks okay. it's also a money question.
    even 250g of protein in whole foods is way more expensive than having a shake inbetween instead.

  4. its not a problem to eat whole foods in the morning, its just easier to make before i go to work than bringing egg whites and oatmeal to work in the am. does it make a difference. that is the only meal that is a shake and the other 5 meals are whole food. thanks in advance

  5. personally, i prefer having a shake for breakfast because it provides the muscles with fast protein after the night.

  6. I have a whey shake, big bowl of oatmeal, bannana, cup of yogurt, and a glass of OJ. I think what you are having is a good way to kick off the day. Personally I think so long as you balance whole foods with shakes, you are fine. I will often toss a shake in there with my whole foods meal, instead of just having a shake by itself as a meal.

  7. i usually have about 30g of whey, 3 egg whites, a cup of oats and a piece of fruit

  8. No problem here. I really have no appetite when I first wake up, so I blend up about 40 grams of protein, a banana, some PB, and some oats in 16 ozs of milk and I'm good to go. Otherwise it's nothing but whole foods for me.

  9. Drinking a shake in the morning shouldn't pose a problem, I occasionally sub a shake in the morning when i really dont feel like cracking/separating 12 eggs
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    Dont forget after sleeping all night your body is pretty depleted so shake will be digested pretty quick especailly if an isolate whey. dont be worried about the fat unless your dieting. try
    6 eggs
    2 slices of toast (a goog country grain)
    100g rolled oats (its about a cup before cooked.) 2 equal.
    Boil the eggs till hard peal them then mash with a fork with a table spoon of mayo then have them on toast, Yum.
    Protein 60g
    Carbs 78g
    Fat 43g
    Total Calories 940cal

  11. usually hae a shake as soon as i wake then wash up then have some grits eggs a and a lil toast ......

  12. Chicken....yes, chicken for breakfast is what I have for protein. Too many egg whites get nasty in my opinion.
    after that I have my oatmeal, etc.
    Good breakfast.

  13. I like the idea of a shake for breakfast. I usually do it a couple of times a week. Whey+milk+oats+banana. I work afternoons so I usually cook food to take into work. If I am cooking breakfast too it feels like I spend most of my free time cooking and washing dishes when I would rather by playing with my daughter.


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