lots of pounds

  1. lots of pounds

    i weigh 154 right now. Ive been talking with a bunch of dudes around here about juicin, but said i need to gain weight first. Ive come up with a schedule for eating and lifting and stuffing my face with food and im gonna gain 20 pound by end for january(2 months). Im just gonna update it every week.

  2. 20 pounds of what?

  3. weight. on a weight scale

  4. im skinny. im gonna thicken up(i do a lot of abs adn have a ballerina waist line, so im not gonna get fat even if some of it exess weight

  5. I'm not saying I know your body better than you, but I do know how the human body in general works.
    You may think you aren't going to put on fat, but if you think you can gain 20 pounds of muscle in 2 months then you've got an unfortunate realization coming.

  6. even if i pray

  7. sorry i ill stop with the religious jokes just saw my stats now, dont kick me out please


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