BigCasino's Winter Bulking Log

  1. Cool BigCasino's Winter Bulking Log

    Hello all,

    I've been meaning to start a serious bulking cycle for a while now, and decided that posting it on my favorite Forum would help keep me dedicated and focused to the cause.

    I plan to eat solely clean foods during this period, as I want to avoid adding considerable bodyfat (I've got enough as is!).

    I'm 20 years old, 5'10", 222lbs, and I'd say about 18% bodyfat. Now, before you all start throwing Jenny Craig brochures at me and protesting that someone @ 18% bodyfat is starting a major bulk, keep in mind that my goal is to add as much muscle and strength as possible. Also, it is the winter season, I wear a lot of coats and sweatshirts, so I am not concerned with lacking definition at the moment. I will probably spend all summer cutting, but I want to have a nice big ball of clay from which I sculpt my statue.

    My Diet will consist of the following foods:

    Chicken Breast
    Cattle Drive Chili
    Cans of Tuna
    1% Milk
    Whey Protein
    Olive Oil
    Whole Grain Bagels
    Mozzerella Cheese
    Low fat Yogurt

    I will be using the following Supps:

    Centrum Multi-Vitamin
    1 gram of Calcium a day
    800ui of Vitamin E a day
    1 gram of Vitamin C a day
    Swole V2 (may replace with normal creatine)

    Here is one very important detail. Normally when I bulk I do very little cardio training. However, I have recently started playing Rugby again, I have practice on Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours each time. I also have games every other weekend. With that in mind, what type of lifting pattern do you think it would be best to follow for max growth. I am hoping the Rugby helps keep the fat away, but I do not want it to hurt my gains, so I am shooting for 5,500 calories a day.

  2. Ok so worked out Chest the other day.

    I got in there and did my first set of DB presses and it felt harder than last week's set, with the same weight. Normally I get very discouraged by this type of thing, as it is a sign I won't be going up in poundages for this workout. However, I took a 2 min break to walk around outside and psych myself up, and came back in to do DB Presses with an even heaver weight. Success!! The rest of the workout went down like this:

    DB Press
    105 x 7 for 3 sets

    Incline DB Press
    90lbs x 10 for 3 sets

    Incline flyes
    55lbs x 12 for 4 sets
    Emphasizing time under tension on these

    Overall I had good intensity and focus, and I was really happy I got out of the slump I seemed to be in during my first set. After my workout I had a whey shake, then 30min later I had a big meal of chinese food with chow mein and a ton of orange chicken.

    The day went a bit sour when later in the evening I went to Rugby practice. The coaches decided the majority of our team is not at a high enough fitness level, so instead of practicing Rugby he had us doing this bull**** fitness routine for two and a half hours. I think it was the most catabolic thing I could have done.

    Running nearly the whole time, only pausing to do crunches, pushups, streches, summersaults (wtf!). I felt my anabolic state slipping away. If practices continue like that I will sit out this season, as I can't imagine making gains doing a routine like that after my workouts.

    I tried to compensate by eating a ton of food when I got back home. All spread out of course.

    I think I still fell short of my 5.5K calorie goal, so I am gonna work on that today. Today is back workout

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