good weight to gain on cycle?

  1. good weight to gain on cycle?

    for a 12 week bulk cycle, what is a good amount of weight to gain that won't be too much but won't be too little. I am 257 pounds on 6'3 frame. Thanks guys

  2. Are you talking about muscle weight or bulk fat weight?

  3. I think the general rule of thumb always used to be a pound per week, much more than that and you're probably putting on too much fat. At 257lbs though I'm not sure if you should try and gain that fast. Hopefully a much bigger guy than me will chime in.

  4. Also would it be OK to do an hour of cardio to tighten up on a "LBM bulk"? I am doing 1 hour before my first meal of the day then weights at night. I felt I was gaining too much fat on this bulk without cardio everyday. So would a .5 pound a week of muscle be ok? Meaning muscle not just weight.

  5. I think at 257 1/2 lb per week would be very good. A 12 weeker would leave you at 263. Pretty ****ing huge. If you can trim down a bit while doing so that would be about as much as anyone could ask for at that size.

  6. Actually I just dialing in today, I stopped my cycle because of toxicity. I kick started with M!T and was going to go into orastan e, but was thinking nevermind. I am just gunna trim up til my good injectable one in March or so. I think I can probably get to 230-235 with 10% by then, and use it to add some muscle to about 245 at around 12 for the season.

  7. The most i have ever gained on a bulking cycle is 25lbs kept all. But i am about to beat that in about 3 weeks.


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