Pasta, noodles n stuff

  1. Pasta, noodles n stuff

    First things first, wanna say hello and give a big thanks for all the help this forum gives out.
    My question is this: I love pasta, i love noodely stuff (is that even a word?) but I have a hard time finding good whole wheat pasta. What do you guys eat if you do eat that stuff? where do you get it? and what about rice noodles? Thanks for the input.

  2. It can be quite a good idea to look for protein enriched pasta that you should find relatively easy.

    Whole-wheat and white pasta have relatively similar glycemic index, glycemic load and insulinindex scores so it is not the biggest problem if you cannot find whole-wheat pasta.

    Also choose egg noodles over rice noodles for a more blood glucose friendly option

  3. I can live with egg noodles.
    Thanks for the advice.

  4. It's expensive, but if you truly love pasta and want a quasi-healthy option, I'd go with them. As a side benefit, it's quite possibly the best tasting pasta you can buy. The other option is to get a nice Italian woman to make it for you.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by johngalt
    The other option is to get a nice Italian woman to make it for you.
    YA man those are the best. I keep one in my pantry =

  6. the no-yolks pasta is decent

  7. Yes, Rossi is the best I've come across. Whole Foods and Trader Joes make fine WW pastas, and much cheaper than Rossi.


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