Naturally More Peanut Butter

  1. Naturally More Peanut Butter

    Not sure if this is a new product but it was the first time I've seen it so I picked it up. Got it at Sam's Club.

    Ingredients- Roasted peanuts, egg whites, wheat germ, flaxseed, flax oil, honey, salt

    Serving size- 2 tbspn
    Fat Cal-98
    Total fat-11g
    Sat fat-2g
    Omega 3-4.1g
    Omega 6-1.2g

    Taste is far less salty than the natty's I've tried and a hell of alot sweeter. I really like it but it may be to sweet for some.

  2. Sounds similar to Power Butter

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mab904
    Sounds similar to Power Butter
    but it hasn't failed its label testing like PowerButter.......
  4. Price

    Was $5 for two 16oz jars at Sam's btw. Not a bad price at all

  5. could you get the name and post-it up...i just got a sams membership to buy soemthings in bulk that I can't get at super Wal-mart...and it sounds delicious.

    Wal-martt brand natty PB is getting pretty salty and oldthese days, lol.


  6. Name

    The name of it is "Naturally More", the link in first post will take you to their website. I save a ton of money buying at Sam's club, I almost never go to regular grocery anymore

  7. amen to that! sams and wal-mart are the ONLY places I will shop, lol. Since I cant afford to have like 4 refrigerators like I would love...I buy all of the things I cannot store in bulk at wal-mart and all the bulk stuff from sams...IMO it saves way more money then everyone thinks.

  8. Sam's

    My last trip through the frozen foods/meats at sam's I picked up

    6.5 pounds of Tyson chicken breasts
    8 grouper filets
    10 tilapia filets
    10 mahi mahi filets
    2 pounds raw peeled shrimp
    7 pounds 90% lean ground beef
    2.5 pounds turkey breast
    15 pounds frozen broccoli spears

    Cost- under $120

  9. wish I had freezer room for all of that...i usually have to hit the store once a week if not more cause my fridge is so small, lol.

    cabinet space is abundant though so I enjoy that.



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