Bye Bye Summer, Hello new diet!!

  1. Bye Bye Summer, Hello new diet!!

    I'm tired of adding all of my different foods up in, so now I'm going to follow a set diet everyday. This diet will be a bulker that I want to use throughout the fall/winter.

    A little help would be apprecciated if you guys don't mind. Rip it apart, but be nice please.

    Current Stats:
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight 160lbs
    bf%: guessing about 11-12%, but will get it measured this week.

    Personal Info:
    I don't drink, or do any other drugs.
    I sleep about 8-9 hours per night.

    I have a BMR of 1772, and I am very active. I am shooting for over 3000 calories per day. I am going to be using a 40/40/20 split, because my carbs need to be high to give me energy during work and all other things I do.

    Meal 1:
    1 cup oatmeal
    4 egg whites
    3 whole eggs
    Total Cals= 556

    Meal 2:
    1 can Tuna Fish
    2 Pieces Whole Wheat Bread
    10 Fish Oil Caps
    .5 Liter Skim Milk
    Total Cals= 602

    1 Piece Whole Wheat Bread
    Total Cals= 79

    Post Workout Shake
    2 scoops Whey
    1 cup oats
    Total Cals= 486

    Meal 3, Post Workout Meal (During Work):
    2 Pieces Whole Wheat Bread
    1 can Tuna Fish
    Total Cals= 321

    Meal 4 (During Work):
    Quart of Skim Milk
    Total Cals= 342

    Night Meal:
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 cup Cottage Cheese
    Total Cals=430

    Bedtime Shake:
    1 scoop casein
    1 scoop whey
    1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt
    2 tablespoons peanut butter
    1/2 cup oats
    2 cups skim milk
    Banana, medium
    3 Frozen strawberries (for coldness)
    Total Cals= 912

    Workout Days: 356p/432c/70.5f = 3728 cals

    Non-Workout Days (no pre-wo or PWO meals): 298p/352c/64f = 3240 cals

    For a more detailed breakdown, click here for the XLS file: edited
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  2. Okay, now a little bit more info:
    1. I love oatmeal, I can eat it all day, so I do
    2. Meals 3 and 4 are during work, and I work in a store unloading trucks so I can't really sit down and eat.
    3. The store is a grocery store, so there is nothing wrong if I go grab a container of milk=free meal.
    4. I like chicken, and will substitute it for tuna a few days a week.
    5. My Pre-workout meal is light because meal 2 is usually close to my workout time anyway.
    6. That bedtime weight gainer shake that I drink is awesome, but is it too much carbs for bedtime? should I double up the casein and eliminate the whey?

  3. Looks good, but you forgot your veggies. Seriously, throw in a couple servings of whatever vegetables suit your fancy. Steam them, saute them, eat them fresh, but just eat them.

  4. nice plan bro i like the fact that you are relying more on whole foods than shakes. If you eat like that then you will be sure to pack on the mass. i agree with john and would throw in some veggies

  5. you guys are right about the veggies. I will throw in some fresh spinach with my nighttime meal, because that's the time when I am not too busy and can sit back and eat (and enjoy!) my veggies.

    And Blane, I have always relied more on whole foods, and I eat similar to this now, but about 500 calories less.

  6. guys just an update--keeping my diet basically like I outlined above, I've gained about 15lbs. Eating whole foods is my thing, and I've been scarfing down easily 300g protein per day.

    right now I'm going to lose a little bit of fat and then bulk back up again. Next bulk up will be from about 170ish-185 hopefully.

  7. Good job bro keep it up!

  8. Good job! You might wanna switch the fish oil to flaxseed oil though as that much fish oil could be unhealthy. You could add 2-3g of fish oil to the 10g of flaxseed oil without a problem


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