Advice on bulking...or at least maintaining?

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  1. Advice on bulking...or at least maintaining?

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    Everything ive read over the years generally suggests sets and reps around 46 - 48 is the ideal for strength AND size.

    Of course its also normally stated that you'll do better overall if you train for either strength OR strength.......but im a fan of the 6 to 8 rep range myself (i like 4x8).

    You should look at layne nortons phat program as well mate, 3 days hyperthrophy, 2 strength each week......
    Thanks man looking this one up for sure as well!

  2. PHAT is really good, yes. One of my routines I rotate through. Def consider it.

    As far as the reps go, I see strength from anything under 7 reps. I get my hypertrophic work from DB and machine. Leave the strength for barbell. That being said I do change it up a lot.



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