Best tracking app for weightlifting?

  1. Hi guys,

    Gabe here. First time/long time. Like a lot of the guys on here I have been lifting off and on my whole life but have not been serious enough about it to see any really meaningful gains. I mostly just keep fit and stay "healthy". I look good but on the average side. I can do much better. Although I am pretty consistent with my visits to the gym, my diet could be better. I try to eat heart healthy and low fat but have no real structure/approach other than trying to make the best food choices I can when faced with them. Although I feel good on average, when it comes to my weightlifting goals this is not getting it done as you might imagine. Im ready to take my efforts to the next level. I have identified my diet as the area where I can make the biggest improvement. Im sure I need work in my routine and supplements but I am starting here first (ill worry about the other stuff later).

    Since my goal currently is to bulk a bit (around 15lbs) Im looking for suggestions from you guys who are makin' it happen. I'll handle the discipline part but can anyone suggest how to go from not really paying a lot of attention to diet to full on bulking strategy? Im reading stuff but its so much better to get advice from real people. Im feeling a bit lost.

    If it matters ill mention my workout routine here also (3 day split):

    D1-CHEST/ARMS 3x15
    bench press, incline press, standing tricep ext, overhead tricep ext, bar bicep curl, dumbbell bicep curl

    lat pull down, seated row, military press, dumbbell flys, cable shrugs

    D3-LEGS 3x15
    smith squat, smith dead lift, leg ext, leg curl, calf machine

    Im also looking for a good iphone app to track my nutrition. I'm using fooducate right now but it's not really wired for weightlifting or weight gain at all. Wondering if you guys found something better?

    Thanks for any insight fellas.

  2. Eat this:

    1. 1 cup Oatmeal, blueberries, 8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs
    2. 7 oz chicken, 1 cup spinach salad, 1/2 cup brown rice
    3. 8 oz ground turkey, 8 oz white potato
    4. 8 oz ground beef, I/2 cup brown rice
    5. 8 oz ground beef, 8 oz white potato

    Each number corresponds to a meal. A menu for a super clean bulk, minimal fat gain. Complex carbs, fats and protein out the ass

  3. Fatsecret is an fantastic app to track kcals and macros.
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  4. I like MyFitnessPal. The tracks macros and a few micros and you can set it to whatever you want. Just don't go by the macros it spits out...

  5. I know a lot of people like the apps, but I don't. I just cook in bulk, put my food in containers, and eat every two to three hours. If I'm not getting to my goal weight or physique, I change accordingly
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  6. @aviolentfluid thanks for this i will definitely try this. after tracking for a week i've realized i'm getting the calories i need for weight gain but it's not going to muscle creation. this sample meal plan gives me a good idea of the changes i need to make to my diet.
    @tyga tyga thanks i really like fatsecret too since it has most major brands and restaurants as well as basic foods. very real world practical thanks!
    @Indman thanks ill check it out
    @R1balla lol "change accordingly" that's exactly what i'm trying to do. some people accomplish that with apps. but i hear you man once im on a cleaner diet i think i'll need the app much less. they're still helpful to me in the gym though because its the only way for me to look back on what ive been doing and adjust when i need to.

  7. This has worked for me.

    Meal 1-- 5 whole eggs cooked in extra virgin olive oil and a cup of oatmeal.
    Meal 2-- Post workout shake (I usually make it with milk and add a banana or some other fruit).
    Meal 3-- 1 large skinless chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli and a cup of 1% milk.
    Meal 4-- Same as meal 3.
    Meal 5-- 1 cup cottage cheese (about an hour or so before bed).

    Calories--2650, Protein--265, Carbs--240, Fat--68. Usually I'll have some random fruit and things like that or maybe a protein bar but for the most part I stick pretty close to this. Also sometimes ill do potatoes instead of brown rice or maybe meatloaf instead of chicken just to change it up a get the picture. It gets old eating the same things over and over but you have to train your body to eat just like you train it in the gym. I've managed to put on 25 lbs in about two years doing this so maybe it can work for you too. Oh ya, drink as much water as you can. Get yourself some Mio if you need to flavor your water, it helps a ton. Lastly if you need to smother your chicken in A1 or Heinz 57 to help you eat it day in and day out don't be afraid to. Hope this helps man!

  8. MyFitnessPal would be the most popular one out there with the biggest database of foods and brand names.

  9. I like myfitnesspal also. One cool feature is that you can scan barcodes to quickly input exactly what you're eating. It also has a lot of restaurant menu items.

  10. MyFitnessPal again! It has a huge database and you can easily see your remaining macros for a given day.


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