Advice Before I Begin, please?

  1. Advice Before I Begin, please?

    5 foot 6 inches
    145lbs (give or take on a daily basis)
    6.4% Body Fat (as of 5/29/13)

    Alright, still on my cut diet right now, which because of some of the prescription medications I'm on, is only 1650 calories a day (losing .3-.5lb weekly). Ridiculous, I know, but I HAVE to take my medication.

    Working out 6 days a week. Weights w/cardio 4 days and long cardio 2 days.

    I've gone from 160 to 145 pretty easily, but lost a shhhhhh*****t ton of strength, unfortunately. And size, of course.

    I want to lean bulk, staying at or under 10% body fat, until September anyway, then I can go hardcore bulk to 15-17%.

    So, opinions on what my caloric intake should be? I can calculate the macros, I just need an idea on calories. Also, I want to keep doing cardio daily because it helps keep my daily life from being overwhelming. Typically do 15-20 minutes on weight days and 45-60 minutes on cardio days.

    Thanks y'all.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  2. search "tdee" and how to calculate it, cals are a bit low
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    search "tdee" and how to calculate it, cals are a bit low
    Like I said, I'm on prescription medication and one of the main side effects is weight gain, so I have to drop my calories below recommended to get any progress (cutting anyway). But I'll search tdee right now.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  4. I don't know what meds you're on (thyroid?) but if you can take it slow try adding 150-200 cals per day and wait a week and continue upping till you start to gain at a reasonable rate (.5-1 pounds per week). Also will you be consistently on the meds for awhile?

  5. nobody can really tell you what calories you need exactly. You seem to know your body quite well. I'd suggest upping your calories around 2,000 mostly get the food from carbs since your strength has plummeted. You'll have more energy which can help get your strength back! 400 calories will keep your conditioning as well, no biggie don't over look it!
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  6. I would slowly start upping your calories just to test the waters, go up by 300-400 for 2 weeks, if youre not gaining then go up some more.

  7. These guys are giving u good advice n their rt about upping your cals. If you starve your body when u give it what it needs its gonna hold on to it so u bounce back with ridiculous weight. But to approach your upage zig-zag it. Go up a Lil come down a tiny bit go up a Lil more come done a lil( u get the idea)


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