New Split. Eating on "Off Days"

  1. New Split. Eating on "Off Days"

    Ok, so I'm currently bulking on a Mon/Thurs split. With Tuesday and Friday being "recovery" days, I still eat a lot, but should I lower cals a bit on Wed/Sat/Sun? Usually when I bulk, I keep cals up on all days, but this is my first two day a week split. In the past it's always been Mon/Wed/Friday, but turning 30 next month, my body can't handle my 5x5 compound 3 day splits like it could when I was 25. So far on this split, my gains are good, but I'm worried about putting on a little more fat than usual due to removing that extra day.
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  2. i would lower carbs on wed, sat, sun. and keep cals up for the other days.

    have you thought of just using a different routine? 5x5 can get pretty evil with those stacked compound lifts lol. maybe somthing like 5/3/1 with 3days a week?

  3. I've been thinking about it, yes, but the last routine I was on strayed and I ended up doing tons of isolated stuff all the time and kind of left my compounds in the dust, and I'm a big "old school lifts" guy anyway. I started back up on the 5x5 at the beginning of May to get myself back to the basics. I would love to have another 3 day a week split though. I've actually never done a 5/3/1. Maybe that's something I should look into when my 5x5 gets a bit stale.

    Thanks for the advice.
    "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"

  4. yea look into it. 5/3/1 is still a strength training routine based around the big compound lifts, but it splits them into seperate days. its a little slower in progression, but 5x5 is dumass hard to keep up with anyways. especially when you get into big numbers

  5. you COULD lower cals slightly but not necessary. monitor the scale and adjust accordingly
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