Bulking diet help

  1. Bulking diet help

    Hi my name is nick im 17 years old 5ft7 and 124lbs 6% BF and currently work out 3-4 days a week and looking to go 5-6 in the summer i have Been lifting for a month and a half and have notice some great strength gains since lifting however starting at 120lbs i have only gained about 4 lbs and lost 2%BF because i started at 8% im happy that i am getting stronger and gaining some noticeable shredded mass however i want to get BIGGER because my current wieght is rediculouse so i want to change my diet
    Currently my diet is as follows
    49,5g fat
    296g carbs
    250g protien

    *this diet is really new only been on it for a week i just want some advice regarding the usefullness of it and what i should increase/decrease to get fast lean mass gains

    Thanks for the help

  2. I would double fats and keep the rest the same if you've only been on it for a week give it a couple weeks and if you've still haven't gained then add another 100 carbs

  3. Ya definitely add some fats.

  4. Ok sounds good, one issue if im guna add fats it should prob be good fats right?but im alergic to eggs and nuts

  5. Olive oil

  6. Olive oil, sunflower seeds, nuts

  7. Whoops, missed the nut allergy. Disregard nuts

  8. Haha, alright thanks for the help guys if you have any other ideas or info please feel free to share

  9. Bacon, fish oil, fish, meats(beef, pork), butter, coconut oil

  10. Avocados!!
    "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"

  11. Ehhh fish isnt the best high fat bulk food unless its salmon only.....
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  12. Try some avocado and some flax and fish oils. Always helps with healthy weight!

  13. But also because you are very skinny (no offense just based off stats given) eat ALOT if ur taking protein shakes, add some macadamia nut oil and oatmeal. Eat tons of whole eggs. You can handle a full stomach constantly so always stay full. That's my method. If u want some more info, PM me


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