Favorite high protein snacks

  1. Favorite high protein snacks

    Hey I was just wondering what some thoughts were out there on how often to eat, and some favorite high protein snacks

  2. dont know what is considered a "snack" but I enjoy eggs ,fish, any meat, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, string cheese.
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  3. In the form of snacks, a trail mix is perfect for you, combining good fats with high protein. Also cottage cheese and peanut butter pre-bed is a great fulfilling snack to keep you going through the night.
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  4. I like greek yogurt + 1/2 scoop protein powder + peanut butter. Noms. I usually use a peanut butter, chocolate, or cinnamon flavor protein powder when making this. Other than that, I just eat the typical protein-rich foods.
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  5. I cook up about 3lbs of steak tips and snack on it the rest of the day..the lady above me has a good idea though too haha you can do a lot with Greek yogurt
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  6. beef jerkey ftw no msg though

  7. Quote Originally Posted by fame126 View Post
    beef jerkey ftw no msg though
    So hard to stop eating it though lol
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  8. Hamburgers.

  9. vanilla greek yogurt with fresh fruits. not super duper high in protein, but its decent. 19g/cup isnt too bad compared to most snack foods. and you can add a scoop of whey to it

    btw, got this idea from some thread on here a few weeks ago. best snack ever now

  10. Chicken and roasted red pepper hummus
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  11. Two scoops of dymatize gourmet chocolate pb and some oats for a protein sludge. GAF. Sometimes add fruit. Customize it however you want. Super easy to make.

  12. Tuna or sardines **** sometimes both.. Pop the can and enjoy

  13. sounds gross, but im into the sardines too
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    A shake between meals, I use Trutein in water pretty regularly at work.

    Either a home made or quality protein bar.

    Leftovers! Cook a little extra dinner and Tupperware is your friend the next day, I do this fairly often when my fiancé can't finish her dinner haha

    Canned turkey or chicken, I keep low sodium versions of both around.

    Hardboiled eggs are simple and portable

    Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, easy to find in single serving containers now as well.

    Some notable vegetables for protein content: peas, beans (roasted chickpeas are a great snack you can flavor however you want), Brussels sprouts are a favorite of mine, equal carb/pro ratio and you're getting your greens + fiber.
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  15. Carne Asada!!!!! Cheep easy and tasty!
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    sounds gross, but im into the sardines too
    Try the ones in mustard sauce..I scarf a can or two a day usually and make sure i carry mints or gym around with me the rest of the day lol

  17. Don't really do snacks. Just have big awesome meals.


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