How long can you ride the LB/week train?

  1. How long can you ride the LB/week train?

    I know this will not be the same for everyone, but how much LBM can you expect after 1yr, 2yrs, 3yrs, 5yrs...

    Obviously gauging by the mirror is best, I've been at this for just over 1yr. Just curious what to expect in the next year and beyond. Is 2-3lbs/month still within reason for me? Provided diet and training were optimal.

    Oh, assume no anabolics.

  2. All depends on genetics I'd say.
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  3. depends on diet and training
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  4. Yeah, I was kind of just looking for generalizations. Also, just assuming diet and training are on point.

  5. hard to tell man. look up lyle mcdonalds body recomposition, I believe he goes into this subject
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  6. I gain at most 1lb per month now. You've only been at it for a year, hence the large increases in mass but as time goes on, you literally fight for every lb of LBM


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