Zervos Bulking Phase Log

  1. Zervos Bulking Phase Log

    So I'm new to this site and I thought my first post might at well be a progress log on my bulking phase. Some background info, I'm 17 years old 5'11 and currently 185 lbs after a 3 month cut that started when I was 205lbs. I play linebacker for my school so gaining some size, and getting back up to about 200-210lbs is necessary for my position. I have been working out since I was 13, and it is a passion of mine I hope to be able to do for years to come, and maybe one day compete. Current stats: Bench :275 Squat 365x3 Deadlift: 425 Hopefully as I go up in mass, my numbers will also go up. I'm doing a lot of volume for the first month then starting my strength program. Any suggestions and tips throughout this process is greatly appreciated and any opinions are welcome. I will be posting my workouts, supplementation, and meal logs for all to see a d critique.

    Current supplements:
    C4 Cellucor
    No3 cellucor
    Orange triads multi
    Fish oil
    True athlete ZMA
    Pre load Creatine Optmimum nutrition
    Myozene post - Bioquest
    Mutant Mass protein
    Gold standard Whey


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