Help with a new stack

  1. Help with a new stack

    Hey guys,

    First time trying this forum out; my friend joined this site and asked for a stack to improve himself, and he had really good results.

    So first off, my goals. I am 6' 8", 195. My body fat % is probably 6% because my metabolism is so fast. Some of you are going to tell me to eat more, but I have tried several different things. I lift every day, and give my self 1 day off a week, sometimes 2 if I am extra tired from practice (I play college volleyball). I am trying to go pro once I graduate and want to be as physically fit as possible. So far, from August 2011 until now, I have gained 25-30 pounds of muscle, but still want to be bigger. I would be happy if I was 220.

    Stacks I have tried:
    MusclePharm Assault, MP Amin0, Optimum Pro Complex Gainer, Optimum Mens Multivitamin, MusclePharm Creatine ( have to have low creatine cuz of NCAA)
    Different variations of this, changing out preworkout with 1mr or c4, and I have tried serious mass. I did have results from serious mass but I have plateaud at 200.

    My friend took dpol and tribulus and had great results, but he has a full beard and I am still growing, so i dont know if that is the best option for me. I found a new gainer called Massfusion and was going to hope that would help me with bulking but I was going to wait for a response for you guys.

    My workouts to give you an idea of where im at: All 3-4 sets

    Bench Press: 225 12-14 times, 245 8-10 times
    DB Incline Brench press: 70 8-10 times
    Bench DB Flys: 45s 8-10

    DB curl standing: 50s 8-10 times
    Lat row machine: 315 12 times 3 sets
    pullups: 15-20

    DB shrugs: 90's 15-20 times

    Bar shrugs: 225 15 times, 275 12 times

    Shoulder press: 50's 8-10 times

    These arent all my workouts obviously but these are the basics.

    Any info is appreciated, and let me know if I need to add stuff. Thanks!!

  2. Don't worry about supplements. its pretty simple, if your not growing, your not eating enough. Less lifting sessions per week, more intense sessions while your in the gym. Especially if your going to have a practice on top of lifting, your going to have to pound some grub. Peanut butter, EVOO, coconut oil, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts. I know you said you've trie "several things" (whatever the hell that means). But bottom line is if your not growing your not eating enough.
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  3. I find it hard to believe that your walking around at 6%. Where are you getting that number

    Also at 6'8. You said you gained 30 pounds of muscle. Are you saying in 2011 you were walking around at 160 pounds, 6'8? That's crazy skinny man, really shows that food is your issue. You gotta learn to eat

  4. Regardless though, at your height and activity level, you should be eating ATLEAST 4000 calories a day. Minimum.

    How much are you eating?

  5. Hey guys,

    thanks for the comments. Yeah well I was 160 when I was a freshman at 6'6". At the end of 2011 I was 175, so more realistically like 20-25 pounds. I just talked to my friend and told him I was not taking full servings but half servings of the gainer because if I take full servings its gone in two weeks, and I cant really afford that. He told me I have to use the gainer at full servings because taking in 1200 calories for two weeks will make me gain weight along with everything else I was taking. But wouldnt I lose the muscle ive gained after bulking fast since my metabolism is so fast?

    Also, I do try to eat as much as I can but the cafeteria is only open 3 times a day and so I get 3 full meals in then have my protein.

  6. Carry around Jar of peanut butter.
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  7. Well buy food at grocery store. I'd even suggest mcds just to put on some weight. There shouldn't be limits for your food intake at this point. Get some fat on you jeez


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