difficulty with bulking advice?

  1. difficulty with bulking advice?

    Im 5'9 @ 215lbs. I have been trying to reach 240 my closest was 225 need sone advice on reaching my goal i seem to lose as fast as i gain but when i gain it goes to the midsection. So basically how do i manage to reach my goal but without looking like im in my second trimester

  2. a slow steady calorie surplus

  3. determine your tdee....
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  4. Blonde moment here but tdee? And weny balls deep last time instead of a slowly building up the calories. Thanks for the tips

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SLAMtheCLAM View Post
    Blonde moment here but tdee? And weny balls deep last time instead of a slowly building up the calories. Thanks for the tips
    Tdee basically tells you how much calories you use in a day to stay the same weight and off of that you can tell how much you need to add or lose for specific goals.

  6. total daily energy expendeture. tdee

  7. Thanx again

  8. At 5'9, 240 lean pounds is most likely extremely difficult, if not impossible without some chemical help.

    At 6', I've been at 240 and relatively lean but my routine and diet were completely in check. I wasn't missing work outs, didn't skip a meal and made recovery a priority (In bed for 8 hours at least, including weekends, no booze fests with buddies, every food had a specific purpose...).

    My routine was geared to build muscle specifically and I wasn't doing any cardio. I couldn't break 240 myself and maintaing it was an exercise in self control above and beyond my capabilities for more than a few weeks after achieving the goal.

    I'm most comfortable around 225-230 myself, not that I advocate slacking. This still requires consistent effort and diet to maintain lean but with some leeway.

    Point being, we all have natural limits. You may be genetically gifted and able to hit a lean 240 at 5'9", I'm not pissing on your candles, but know it is unlikely.

  9. Naw no worries but i figured i would need some special assistance lol also i still do a fair amount of cardio and dont get to always workout when i want or eat what id prefer my unit is high readiness so i spend alot of time away thanx for the info tho

  10. Get stronger and eat more. I'm 5'8 my goal is 230. 25 lbs off. My plan is to hit some big powerlifting numbers then hit up a buffet, then switch to some high volume work and chemicals. good luck.

  11. ita takes a sustained effort for a few months straight before your body will accept a new weight plateau....every 15lbs or so. Your body will fight against you and try and dump the weight. Just train heavy and continue to eat as much as possible, to force your body to hold it...and it will you just have to commit to eating no matter what.


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