Keeping up with calories day to day

  1. Keeping up with calories day to day

    Hello, I've been pouring over this forum for the last weeks and this is my first post. My main problem is gaining weight. I'm 6'3" 160lb 0%BF and have always had trouble gaining size. My daily goal is 3000 cal and I can reach it most days (struggling). The problem is that if I reach that goal, the following day I feel like **** (lethargic and no appetite) and I totally kill my weekly total. I eat fairly healthy when I'm home (girlfriend is a healthnut) but when I'm at school all day or working double shifts it's not easy to keep it whole. I gotta say though, with 0% bodyfat and the willingness to put on whatever weight I can I'm thinking an unhealthy/highcal meal is not a bad thing. Any tips or ideas are very much welcomed.


  2. 0% bf? are you dead or somethin?

  3. An exaggeration, I think it's about 9% or so, no visible fat anywhere

  4. You don't have to eat unhealthy to make your meals high in calories. Before work make a few peanut butter sandwiches and if you can try and drink glass of milk with each sandwich. A peanut butter sandwich with a glass of whole milk is an easy ~600 calories or so and it's all healthy.

    And if you don't log your meals I would consider finding a website to do that on, it's a big help when it comes to trying to spread out calories throughout the day and making sure you hit the macros you want.

  5. I wouldn't be so focused on the day to day. Take a step back and look at it more like a weekly total. If that works better for you, try eating huge 1 day and then eat average the next and repeat this pattern. If you can eat enough a couple days a week and maintain decent nutrition on days you don't feel hungry- your weekly average should be enough to start gaining. Also, if its that hard to gain- eat whatever makes your stomach happy and you don't have to force down. Once your mind/body gets adjusted to more, you can start fine tuning it so you are gaining the right type of weight.

    Also highly recommend a food log like myfitnesspal dot com. Puts what you think "a lot" is, in perspective.

    It works for me at least.

  6. I think a good goal is 400kcals over maintenance daily, or 2800kcals over maintenance weekly.

    That could theoretically pack on about a lb of muscle each week.

    Smart Phone + Calorie Counter Ap = Success

  7. If youre metabolism is that high then eating higher calorie "bad" foods isnt going to hurt anything....skinny guys get too caught up on eating "clean" while complaining about no mass. If your that thin than even fat or water weight will make you look thicker. Just add fat and sugar to your diet and gain some weight.


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