Clean bulk question.

  1. Clean bulk question.

    How many cals a day should I add if I wanted to clean bulk? I eat about 2100 ATM. And would it come from carbs,protien,or fats?

  2. What are your stats, goals, etc.?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SChasEE
    What are your stats, goals, etc.?
    Height: 5'11

    I want to lose bf while maintaining lean mass. I've been doing horrible with diet past few weeks. Cleaned it up and now just focusing on getting to at least under 6, hopefully 5.5%.

    I do cardio once every 2 weeks right now.I replaced cardio with Lots of super sets to keep my heart rate high. Should I do cardio once a week?

  4. 10-20% above maintinance

  5. Right off the bat I would most likely add 500cals to your diet, possibly spread fairly evenly from pro/cho/fat.

    From there, going by the mirror, scale, strength, recovery etc...will determine when your next bump in cals is.

    From that point on, I would bump cals up by about 250 a clip.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23



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