Steriod advice

  1. Steriod advice

    I was just wondering if ive been on a course of 4 mill /1000mg of test enthanate per week for 8 weeks and 6 weeks off, with my next course would i have to keep the injection at 4 mil/1000mg or could i drop my dosage and maybe only have 2 mil/500 mg of test enthanate and still get results or would my body be used to having a higher dosage ?

  2. Based off the question you are looking for in this section try out the anabolics or even more specific in the old school section of anabolics.

    Anyways, are you saying that you've had 6 weeks off and are going to start again? Plus stats, age, w/h? Just out of curiosity how were the results from previous cycle?
    I don't go lift, I don't go workout, I don't go train....I go get as fwuark!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would give your body a bit more of a cool down time before re-upping or maybe mix up your eating / workouts just to throw in some more bodily confusion.

  4. after 6 weeks off you shouldnt have a problem on the lesser dosage, your body wil have reset by long as your training and food intake is up to spec you can continue to get results with a smaller weekly dose

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