Testosterone booster

  1. Testosterone booster

    Hey all I live in the uk and I'm wanting to start having a test booster and I'm unsure what good ones are on the market at the mo is the any really good ones you would advise to be the best thanks

  2. I stay in the uk too and I am also thinking of taking a testosterone booster. I have heard some horror stories about how they will give you man boobs but I haven't tried them so I don't know. The one I was thinking of buying is from a uk company called bodybuilding warehouse. They sell a powder one called D-AA for 20 and its a 83 day supply. U should give that a look mate

  3. Yeh I have a look at that mate cheers pal I'm having creatine at the mo but heard that test boosters are good

  4. Look into PNI paragon we have a test booster with nmda (daa) and it has a built in estrogen control so you won't have to worry about man boobs
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  5. Great stuff pal cheers ill check it out now thanks for that

  6. Would you say dpol is better than d-AA? And have you had any side effects with it?

  7. Yeah mate helps a lot. Cheers for the honest advice. Al prob give d-AA a try in powder form cause like I said above its cheaper

  8. Daa stacked with gf-t21 from formutech would work well together
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  9. What is that. An what does it do?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Lee Brown View Post
    Would you say dpol is better than d-AA? And have you had any side effects with it?
    i'd go with regular bulk DAA to start with.. and pick up some Erase/triazole to go along with it..
    Dpol has nitrates


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