Eating on cycle,snacks!

  1. Eating on cycle,snacks!

    I've been lifting for roughly 10 years and all sorts of styles, endurance, strength, mass, crossfit, sealfit etc. I'm currently on a Hdrol cycle, and I'm getting massive hunger pains and food cravings. My protein intake has been in the 250 and carbs 150 fats fluxuate. I keep my carbs lower as I'm carb sensative. I've had the best success with gains and blood pressure with Hdrol than I have with any other ph used. My biggest thing is in between meals I get these massive hunger cravings. So I ask

    1. do I eat until full?
    2. Do I stray away from my intake levels and go over?
    3. WHAT DO I snack on to keep the carbs low? I've done keto so I get the norms

    biggest thing is I don't want to waste the cycle or short change myself. My current routine on cycle is the tnation ovt routine, with 30-40 minutes of cardio 2-3 times a week, and I'm recovering extremely fast about 2 days so I'm thinking about taking less rest days and increase the groups worked out each day. My goals are to gain as much strength and lean mass as possible without cranking up the chub, I do plan to roll into a crossfit style routine starting on day 1 of pct.

    Oh currently 27 5'11" 197 lbs.

  2. Only advice I have is listen to your body and if your hungry then by all means eat. As long as your sure your hungry and not just bored. I'd also bump up carbs. There not bad for you and your body needs them to grow, just make sure they're good carbs and not full of sugars. Jerky is a great snack though if you insist on low carb

  3. Thanks for advice. I do find that sometimes I get bored and hunger comes along with it, I work nights and keep the same sleep patterns on off days, so I up till 6am doing a whole lot of nothing. I'll keep that in mind.

  4. eat more veggies and protien, they both kill sugar cravings....if your desperate chew sugar free gum and pretend your getting sugar haha

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