Phera-plex + ultradrol cycle, Yes or No?

  1. Thumbs up Phera-plex + ultradrol cycle, Yes or No?

    I'm Planning on a spring cycle and just ran across some cel P-plex(Phera-plex) and Antaeus Labs Ultradrol and was wondering what do you think about stacking these roids safely, or just running them seperately.

    If i stacked them i was thinking about doing it like this

    week 1- pplex 10mg - 20mg depends on how body take to the dose
    week 2- pplex 20mg
    week 3- pplex 20mg + ultra 12
    week 4- pplex 20mg + ultra 12
    week 5- ultra 12mg

    cel cycle assist + taurine everyday

    i workout monday through friday and dont take anything over the weekend but milkthriste and cycle assit(which i double up on over the weekends) and ultra male test booster to try to combat shutdown as best as i can

    have a serm (nolva) plus other test boosters A-HD and ultra male for pct

    I just want to know if this looks relatively safe i know all otc methyls are dangerous and stack two is even worse but i think i can make it threw with out a hospital visit and massive kidney failure?

    Curently on week 2 or day 10 of super dmz 2.0 and up 8lbs. went from 171.6 to 180.8 today on an empty stomach have 2 weeks left so hoping for another 5-8lbs b4 its all over but most of the weight i gain came in week 2 ( like 5.5lbs ). My thoughts on ultra-dmz very clean and great overall feeling through out the day. no sides so far at all( lethargy, High bp, headace, acne, no sex drive problems or oily skin) and a very dry dense feel to new muslce mass dont think it will will be disappearing after PCT, arms chest and shoudlers are hard a rocks right now. even feel like i been workout in my sleep when i wake up. final verdict still out for gains but i try other phs trenazone,hdrol,epi,trenbolene and a bulls### stack call xtreme anabolics mass stack( stay away from this company please) that made me feel like lying in bed all day til i died and first time my liver ever felt like it was saying- bro just stop. so far to be the strongest compound i tried and 2nd stack it milder on the sides then ever thing else i tried even epi which is my second fav as of now,and with an all day energy boost, i'm love this product so far.

  2. Would these to otcs work good enough together(synergy) to match a gains superdrol cycle is really what i'm askng or am i just better of getting some mdrol w/o the sides ?

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