Should I Bulk or Cut? (pics inside)

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  1. I don't really know why you are sweating it. Just lift heavy, eat big and get big. When I was 16 I could eat 2 double cheeseburgers and go to bed like nothing. I was literally drinking the steak juice off the plate.
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  2. ^exactly

    stop worrying about the little stuff. your body will do more than you expect it
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    40/40/20, 40/30/30, 50/30/20

    no one can tell ya dude, everybody's body is different. cycle macros around or don't even worry about macros, just eat. if you get fat-eat less. if you don't gain-eat more. I worry less about macro ratios when bulking
    I need to do that clean bulk!

  4. op, at 16 years old, you are still growing. even if you diddnt lift, by the time you are 20-25, you will still be about 15-20lbs heavier than you are right now., if you eat clean, and lift smart, you are not only going to continue growing into early adulthood, but the results will be better than you can imagine right now. at this point, you are definatly on the right track. dont think of it as cut-bulk right now, but think of it as the late stages of growing into a man. youl see what i mean later.

  5. op, i dont mean to come off sounding like dad or something, (my son is 24) but sometimes conversations like this reminds me of how fast young people live today. the info overload would have freaked me out at 16,( back in 1983) lol, we had to search the library for hours sometimes just to find what you can google in 2 seconds today. lol., take your time bro, you will grow, just make every rep count.

  6. Like a few guys have stated already. Start a strength program like starting strength or 5/3/1. If you want to be a beast you gotta eat like one, train like one, and sleep like one. You need muscle right now more than anything. It's a lot easier to cut the fat while your still young. I'd get up to about 200 then start talking about a lil cut. Good luck

  7. Thanks guys

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Screw cutting.

    Just get big. What 16 year old days "man maybe I should shred some fat off and be nice and lean" **** that, when I was 16 I wanted to be huge.

    Just eat healthy and lift heavy and your body will respond. That alone puts you above the rest of your peers.
    Lol. All the 18-19 yr olds at my college gym do chest, arms and abs! That's what the girls like!

    OP, if you keep up with a steady good routine and put legit muscle on, your body will naturally lean out and you will burn more fat. Stick with a good clean diet like all these guys are saying.
    You are a good age to put on a great muscle base. I wish I would have started at your age.

    I'm not knocking you for being young, but a lot of young guys I see working out in the gym are not doing things correctly. If you master the correct form you will see very good results.

    Good luck dude.
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  9. Bulk!


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