tis the season

  1. tis the season

    To be bulking...lets stuff our faces and get big....what's everyone's favorite holiday foods they will be gorging on today....mines sweet potatoe casserole

  2. Roast beef and turkey and potatoes and scotch

  3. Not gorging on anything,really would like to but have to much self-control so just eating ham instead of regular top sirloin.

  4. Hamburger Helper, double ground beef.
    So basically, a bowl of ground beef
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  5. A little late but prime rib.

  6. Holiday ham

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pmdied
    Holiday ham
    Ya I ate a lot of that too, just get burned out on ham pretty quick

  8. Ham and candied Yams....the meats and sweets diet.


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