Intermittent Fasting During A Bluk to lower BF% ?????

  1. Intermittent Fasting During A Bluk to lower BF% ?????

    What's your opinions on using IF during a bulk. I've read numerous articles. the LeanGains website and many others. Just want to hear people's advice or own experiences with using this technique. I'm 6'2", 220lb and have a 16% bf. I just want to lose some in the abdominal section and chest. I don't have gyno or anything and am seemingly lean, but have always fallen short of grabbing those defined abs or a better chest. My arms have good definition as well as my back. For workout I'm doing 3 days a week (mon, wed, fri) and cardio on off days (tue,thurs). Doing a 5X5 on Monday, 3X3 on Wed and High Intensity Interval Training on Friday. My diet is at 3500calories a day.

    I wanted to do IF and wasn't sure the right approach. Was thinking Fasting 17 hours and 7 hour eating period. 1pm-8pm eating, 8pm-1pm fasting. Opinions or advice would be awesome! Thanks guys, I've never done it before so if there's anything I'm doing wrong or anything I should add?
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  2. I enjoy it a lot.

    It gives you a good chance to utilize your nutrients when needed. What's your workout split?

    I'm currently on a 4 day split, so I go 30% carb / 60% protein / 20% fat + 300 calories on workout days and 50% fat / 40% protein / 10% carbs -500 calories on rest / cardio days.

    I've been able to do a very nice recomp, weight hasn't fluctuated but I clearly see fat % dropping like it's hot. If you want a real bulk you can follow the same approach and just have more calories on both days, perhaps a +600 / -200 or something on those lines.
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