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    If you ever watched pumping iron (at least I believe that was where the quote is from) he says that milk is for babies and that when you're a man you drink beer.
    Yep, you can google it...

    Milk tears me up. I can take it in moderation. Milk protein isolate if I take a few lactose tabs prior.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by binkley23
    Arnold never said milk is for babies.... If you ever read his auto biography then you would know that the first bulking diet in it requires you to drink 11 glasses of milk a day through a six meal regimen
    Really? Watch pumping iron then rethink what you just said

  3. He was joking in the movie. It's on record with him saying that plus through the whole mid 70s he was stoned all the time you can hear him laugh... Not saying its for everyone but milk is a very decent way to bulk

  4. Quote Originally Posted by binkley23 View Post
    He was joking in the movie. It's on record with him saying that plus through the whole mid 70s he was stoned all the time you can hear him laugh... Not saying its for everyone but milk is a very decent way to bulk
    My point was not whether he meant it as a joke or not. You said that "Arnold never said milk was for babies" and I merely pointed out that he did say it in pumping iron.

  5. Blakeryan gets to keep his internet points.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dmmcclair View Post
    28 grams of protein is no where near enough, IMO, I'd be curious to see your routine/numbers, also you'll never get people to stop using whey, a post workout needs fast dissolving proteins, whey is perfect for this, while milk has whey(20%) compared to the 80% of casein and the slow peanut butter and incomplete protein of the oats, which, to my knowledge, lacks 2 of the essential amino acids, then you'll understand why shelling out 30 bucks is necessary
    Your body does not need fast disolving proteins post workout.

  7. You can certainly get by with what the original poster said, but hey..I like whey blends for the convenience and I can afford them at the moment. They work. Milk and whole foods certainly work (which I also use). Use what works for you and your lifestyle.

    And Arnold liked to joke around with BBing tips to mess with people's minds. He is wrong about beer though. Hard liquor is for real men. If you're going to imbibe alcohol...get it done.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bowhunter View Post
    I'm sure most of you know this

    And it's MORE than simple, but why spend 30+ dollars on protein at your local nutritional store when you can go to the dollar general store and get the same if not better results
    Granted body fat comes into effect with some people on what they consume
    But, if your looking for a good post workout protein shake that won't break your wallet
    Here is all you need

    Go buy yourself some quick oats
    Half a cup of whole grain oats = 5g of protein

    Peanut butter:
    Yes, fatty, but high In protein. 2 tablespoons = 7g of protein

    Last but not least,
    I prefer to use 2% milk, which is 8g of protein per cup
    Use 2 cups and that's 16g of protein and a good source of well needed calcium after a workout.

    Stick it all In a blender and you've done it
    A protein shake that's easy on the wallet that weighs In at 28g of total protein
    The peanut butter is a natural sweetener that really makes this drink taste very well considering other shakes and post workouts

    For added potassium and flavor
    You can also add a banana that makes it somewhat sweeter and tastes very good

    Hey, the economy is DOWN, and it's a method that you can see tremendous results In gaining bulk, and on financial points as well
    One word - Costco

    $45, 72 servings, 27g protein per serving, only 2.5g fat and 3g carbs. Full amino acid complex inluding BCAA's, unlike peanut butter & oats.

    Granted, I mix my protein with oats all the time.


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