Need a good bulking diet without gaining body fat

  1. Need a good bulking diet without gaining body fat

    Does anybody have any suggestions on a good diet for bulking? I lost over 100 lbs and I'm afraid to eat things that will cause me to gain body fat. I've gained lean mass but now am hooked and want and try and gain some more solid mass. I'm just afraid of the food aspect of the whole thing. Helpe out!!

  2. stay with lean foods and calculate everything you consume.
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  3. can u give some more info, stats, now and before u lost the weight, also ur current diet, that would help alot. but for a quick fix do what the other guy said, find ur baseline caloric intake and eat a few hundred calories over but all clean food. healthy fats from whole eggs n fish help plus both are top notch protien sources. if ur worried about gaining fat back stay away from simple sugars fruit fruit juice and white bread n so on, opt for whole grains and potatoes as ur carb sources, and keep a few cardio sessions a week or workout with short rest periods between sets, hope this helps!

  4. I drink my protein in the morning, usually with a banana. Eating whole wheat bread, eggs, lean meat mostly steak, some chicken. Veggies and salads when possible. I gotta admit I eat stuff I'm not suppose to like burritos but not everyday or nothing like that. It's those kind of food that make me fearful of eating at all!!! I hit the gym about 3 to 4 times a week for an hour to an hour and a half. I jog 2 miles on the days when I'm not in the gym. Hope this is enough info. I'm new at this whole thing so any guidance would be very appreciated. Thanks everyone!!

  5. info as in your body stats. dont stress it too much, you lost the weight once already so do a slow bulk and when you decide to cut down again you already know you can do it. over thinking and over complicating things doesnt make this lifestyle any fun and could hinders your gains. over coming the mental aspect is the hardest part.
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  6. Body stats huh. Well I'm 5ft 11, 197lbs. I was 302lbs a little over a year ago. I hope these are the stats your talking about? Again, I'm new at all of this. So I struggle to understand the terminology, sorry. I'm trying to overcome this "fat guy" syndrome as I've come to call it. Everytime I eat something I wonder if I should've eaten it. So I'm trying to overcome the metal aspect of it but I agree with you, it's tough!! But I'm determined to accomplish what I've set out to do which is to get better definition, gain more lean mass and strength. I've seen some results since I started in mid June of this year and I'm hooked on "pumping iron". I set my mind on losing weight, I accomplished that and now my goals have shifted to what I've stated above. Let me know what other stats you need. But I hope these are the stats you're talking about. Thanks again!!


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