If your abs are showing you aint growing

  1. If your abs are showing you aint growing

    If your abs are showing you aint growing...Is this true?

  2. Not at all

  3. not necesarily true. thats more directed to the skinny people that wont let go of their abs

  4. LOL huuuh? This is commonly referred to as a "lean bulk" in which you remain lean.... while you bulk. ****'s crazy
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  5. Not true but kinda funny though

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dmmcclair
    Not true but kinda funny though
    I thought so too, kinda like 'if the bar ain't bendin', your pretending' < my fav haha

  7. For 99% of people, yes. There aren't a lot of people that are going to stay <12% while trying to bulk.
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