need help in bulking 78kg

  1. Unhappy need help in bulking 78kg

    hey guys ,
    i need yor advice in bulking because im a skinny guy although my gf says im not haha .
    so heres the problem : 18 years old , 2 years working out ( small results) ,
    i want to gain weight but nothing is happening , i eat about 3400 kcals a day and i cant increase my lifting power nor my physique .
    i have to mention that i dor martial arts nearly everyday : mo,tue,wed taekwondo ( a bit) exhausting) and fr , sat , sun mma ( very exhausting)

    i workout with a 2 split plan and i workout in the morning :

    my plan is : mo,thur upper body and tue,fr lower body .
    uper body includes : lower body:
    benchpress 4x6 squats 4x6
    military press 3x8 deadlifts 4x6
    dips+weight 3x8 leg curls 3x10
    pull ups 4x6 calves machine 3x15
    barbell row 4x6
    barbell curls 3x8
    french press 3x12

    my diet plan looks like this :

    breakfast : 250 gr oats , 30 gr whey , 30 gr nuts
    pwo shake - 50 gr rice cake , 30 gr whey , + aminos, creatin , bcaas
    lunch : 120 gr chicken , 160 gr rice , 30 gr nuts
    dinner : 120 gr chicken , 100 gr rice , 30 gr nuts
    pre bed snack - 250 gr cottage cheese , 20 gr nuts

    total : 3393 kcal , 204 gr prot, 408 carbs, 100 fat

    i dont know what i should do , increase the kcal of course but the macros fit at the moment right ? should i increase carbs but then i guess i store a lot of fat .
    i ordererd recompadrol and rasberry ketones so i could increase the carbs i guess...
    hm dont know :/
    does anybody of you have an advice for me ?
    ps : sorry for the english im from overseas

  2. Thats a lot of cardio from the mma and karate kid action!! Youll have to eat more for the expenditure of kcalories your burning those days.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2
    Body Performance Solutions Rep

  3. Id up to about 5k cals keep the diet and add in some homemade shakes one if my shakes has around 900 cals your always try cutting down the m/a and see if you grow from the diet you are on,,

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