Diet question after layoff

  1. Diet question after layoff

    How's it going gentlemen this is my first post and it is a strong one...

    Ok so hears the deal I consider myself pretty knowledgable when it comes to diet and nutrition but im stumped with this. I coming off a long layoff roughly 10 months to be exact due to senior year of college and some other things, 10 months ago I was sitting at 225 lbs at 6'3 and at 10%. After the layoff im sitting at 180 lbs and not sure of my body fat but its probally in the area of 14-15%, So I got back on the horse about 2 weeks ago and I have a serious issue, I have always been extremely lean my entire life 8-10% due to sports (junior hockey etc.) and that being said I am extremeley uncomfortable with this little bit of fat I'm carrying now. Hears my problem Despite being back in the gym for 2 weeks now I feel like the weight im putting back on is fat as a matter of fact I know I was leaner 2 weeks ago then I am today. My diet in my opinion is flawless but obviously its not theres a problem somewhere it consists of tuna, chicken, salmon, eggs in rotation as my lean protein source, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, grilled veggies in rotation as my carb source and almonds flaxseed oil as my healthy fat source. The only thing I can think of is im over eating but that cant be it cause in the last 2 weeks I have been getting probally on average only 2000 calories a day I haven't had a whole lotta time so its typically been 3 meals a day and I know that has to change to 5+ but im stumped I have no idea why I'm putting on fat and its frustrating and freaking me out lol.

    And just fyi this is my split
    Monday; legs
    Tuesday; Chest
    Wedensday; Arms
    Thursday; Abs/Core
    Friday; Shoulders
    Saturday; Back

    I was thinking maybe I should add some slow steady cardio first thing in the morning before I eat and maybe 10-15 minutes of HIIT post workout

    Here's a copy of my daily macros as of now

    3690 calories
    378 g of carbs
    325 g of protein
    58 g of fat

    opinions helppppp

  2. Prob has a big point with taking 10 months off if you hit it hard 10 months ago then just pulled put your body could have reacted to that, also if its just 2 weeks that your checking wait longer mate i used to look in mirror and that loads and it drove me mad,, maybe add in a bit of cardio good luck and keep positive

  3. And make sure you are keeping track of what you eat and the weight of the food, also have you tried IF i cut quite a bit of bf doing that

  4. Yea thanks for the advice man I think I just need to relax and stop over thinking things haha but it just sucks losing almost 50 lbs in 10 months lol I'm never gonna stop lifting again. If anything good cane out of this it's that I'm hungrier than ever to on e again achieve my goals.

  5. Yeah do that it will be a good way to keep motivated your body will adapt again soon good luck



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