overseas bro needs help w supplements

  1. Unhappy overseas bro needs help w supplements

    hey im from overseas ( europe-austria)
    and in my country i dont see any possibility to lay my hands on recompadrol except ordering from a uk website -
    now here is the question - as far as i know recompadrol doesnt contain amy illegal substances right?
    dont wanna get in problems with customs
    and would you guys recommend something other to prevent fat gain while bulking - a better supplement than recomp ?


  2. You will need to check with your local laws regarding banned substances but Recompodrol should be fine. I live in Germany and have ordered Sarms and PHs from the UK and never had any problem with delivery. Provided you order things from within the EU you shouldn't have any problems with customs.

    I haven't used any 'repartitioning agents' so will let others advise on whether there are better products out there.

  3. Look up the what it contains because different customs have different rules, do you really need anything i bulk plus added fat then cut, best way would be to get everything thats in the supp and ring customs and ask them if there is anything they would have a problem with

  4. yesterday i spoke with the customs information center and they only told me that they have no influence on packages sent between countries in the EU !
    do you think its safe ordering phs from uk ?
    i wanna buy hdrol too but i was scared about customs ..
    any information about a good shop ?
    i think pred. nutr. is the best

  5. You should be ok with hdrol from the UK as there won't be much difference between Germany and Austria. Pred is probably the best and has decent delivery times to Europe.



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