critique my workout

  1. critique my workout

    Hey, just wondering what you guys think of my workout and if you would alter it in any way

    goal: build size and strength

    warm up everyday multiple sets of pull ups (preparing for the military)
    usually end each workout with swimming or cardio also
    core randomly peppered in

    day 1:
    Bench 2x8
    incline bench 2x8
    decline bench 1x8
    dumbbell flies 2x8
    dips 2x8
    skull crushers 2x8
    y bar tricep pull downs 2x8

    day 2:
    squat 2x8
    dumbbell lunges 2x8 each leg
    leg press 2x8
    calf raises 2x20
    leg exstentions 2x8
    leg curls 2x8
    preacher curls OR 21's 2x8 or 2 sets
    alternating hammer curls 2x8

    day 3:
    overhead barbell press 2x8
    standing dumbbell press 2x8
    close grip bench 1x8
    upright rows 2x8
    side dumbbell raises 2x8
    front dumbbell raises 2x8

    day 4:
    dead lift 2x8
    wide grip shrugs 2x8
    pull downs on cable machine 2x8
    various forms of rows 2x8
    one arm rows 2x8 each arm
    leg exstentions 1x8
    leg curls 1x8
    calf's 1x8

    i've had great progress doing this routine and i'm stronger then i've ever been...but like all things in life after a while you grow bored of the same old routine....was thinking of doing the 30 day challenge of the solitary fitness routine and see how that goes, also, it's enticing due to the push up aspects of it preparing for boot as the workout i have no is geared towards just primarily strength and size, which doesn't matter their.

  2. If this has been working for you I wouldn't change it. What other types of routines have you followed in the past?

  3. i've done anything from routines similar to strong lifts/5x5's, to pyramiding similar lifts in sets such as 10, 8, 8, 6, to high intensity lifting maintaining a certain weight and not changing it but increasing the amounts of lifts able to perform within 60 seconds...and things similar to all of those

  4. I agree with the above post If it's working and your stronger than ever I'd stick with it if your bored change the.days you hit each body part if you have something lagging behind hit that on on Monday instead while your energy is at it's highest, I like doing legs on Monday so I don't have to wait in line for j bench since every Monday is national chest lol

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