Eating so much wow

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  1. Lmao. I'm not disagreeing with you. Cool your jets. I know it not something to **** with I was just informed wrong and got here to get it right that's all. I appreciate your help man don't take it as I don't.

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by tcox807
    From what I have read this compound Is a cynostane. And every one that has ran cyno has what I have for a pct and an ai. I don't have an ai but cyno doesn't convert. I am getting still yet to take with it

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    Wow you are a friggin idiot dude

  3. op is a liar. in his stupid ass thread over in supplements, hes been attempting to log it and is on day 5. stop lying like a little kid

  4. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod

    Wow no ahit. Have you done this?
    Yeah man... i was talking to a person that did eating contests... lol... thats how he stretched it out... drink no water while eating and fill yourself out... then chug your water... you will wanna puke...

  5. Well thunder I am not lying on anything. I have been looking at the odds and weighting them out.

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