Need Help in Planning my Menu (Also Macro Check)

  1. Need Help in Planning my Menu (Also Macro Check)

    Need Help in Planning my Menu (Also Macro Check)
    So right now I am 160ish and I want to slowly lean bulk to 170 and then re-evaluate.

    So based on my current weight of approx 160, these are my macros and would appreciate any advice if they are good (Yes I got them from the sticky) and also I need help in setting up a very easy menu of foods that will meet these goals. Im lazy and i find that if I am not prepared and have my meals for the day laid out and packed, Ill just be lazy and eat whatever. So Im trying to set up a very easy (minimal prep time) menu of foods that I can just lack and go. Im gonna eat this for one week and see what the results are and adjust from there.

    Macros. (based on Weight on goal weight of 170 around 10% bodyfat). Right now I am 160 and approx 13%.
    I will start with 3200cals and see how the week goes.

    Protein = 250g = 1000cals = 1.56g per pound = (31%) (I upped it to 250 for easy math)
    Fat = 75g = 675cals = .46g per pound = (21%)
    TCarb = 380g = 1520cals = 2.37g per pound = (47%)

    Proteins, I eat a lot of whey, EAS 30 bars, grilled chicken breasts ready to eat, Lunchmeant,
    Carbs, I eat a lot of wraps, and bagels, I love fruit Pluots, Bananas, Oranges,
    Fats, Peanut Butter, Fish oil, Peanuts/Alsmonds. Dont really try to eat fat, it just gets in there.

    I see all these foods that amateurs bodybuilder eat and it just seems overwhelming to prepare. I have a life outside the gym and I need convenient packable foods. any help would be appreciated.

  2. im having a hard time setting up my diet as well, so the macros that u are using at 50/30/20? I have been trying to figure out where a good place to start would be I think i will also set mine up like yours and see how it goes. Im at 165 and i came up with around 3400 cal, my diet is going to consist of much of the same things that you are wanting. Proteins-grilled chicken, eggs, steak, skim milk, whey Carbs-brown rice, whole grain toast, mixed veggies, whole grain pasta and fats from peanut butter, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil

  3. Only way to go about it is Bulk cooking two times a week. Than there no guess work what you are having and makes it convienent!

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